Alexi Davis guitar, vocals

Dwight Davis bass, vocals, piano

Graham Daniel guitar, vocals, mandolin, drums

Joel Briggs drums

Jamie Gould vocals, percussion

Dave Neufeld guitar, vocals, harmonica

Lisa Hunte drums, piano 


Alexi, Dwight, Dave and Lisa birthed TCOSS from the belly of Slaughter House Studios with 'Burrow in the Brain Owl' in 2007. The 7 track demo was followed by their first release, 'The Children of Lions and Garudas' in 2008.


Graham, a wild songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (previously with Hail Damage), joined in 2008. He added another creative force, switching with Lisa on drums, and alternating from guitarist to front man to rhythym.

TCOSS fully tracked their second album before the sudden, heartbreaking loss of Lisa, beautiful musician and friend in 2011. ‘Circuit Crooks’, released in 2012, features Lisa on drums/piano/organ. It is dedicated in her memory, "You will always be our Bad News Betty".

Joel came on board in 2012. As pulse and backbone of the group, he added force to 'She Dreamed a Drought', released 2014.

While in studio early 2017, TCOSS invited Jamie (previously with The Jamies) to lay guest vocals on a few tracks. This quickly became much more, and Jamie joined the band!

 TCOSS is working on their next release, coming soon!